First the exercise bike, then the treadmill. Now, STATIC SWIM™ ! Enjoy a complete swimming workout in a small space measuring only 1.5x3m! Walk, run… or create your very own custom workout routine!

Our equipment is specially designed for:

- All levels of swimming workouts

- STATIC SWIM™ water walking

- STATIC SWIM™ aquajogging

- STATIC SWIM™ guarantees unique, fun and efficient Aquafitness sessions


STATIC SWIM™ is the perfect high-level custom-made aquafitness sports equipment for swimming in your pool. Based on a dynamic balance system, STATIC SWIM™ allows you to perform a wide range of swimming exercises even in a limited space. STATIC SWIM™ is the perfect affordable and environmentally-friendly solution to replace counter-current swimming.

STATIC SWIM™ facilitates high-energy aquatic physical activity. Pain-free and non-harmful, STATIC SWIM™ allows you develop targeted muscles. STATIC SWIM™ assures quick muscle development without side-effects. Suitable for all types and levels of swimmers, STATIC SWIM™ guarantees that you will experience the feel of a real swim workout and achieve your fitness goals quickly. Use it with all standard swimming accessories : Pull buoys, kickboards, aquacise foam dumbells, floaters, webbed gloves... Try different techniques, on your back or your front…

Experience the sensation of real swimming

STATIC SWIM™ enables you to develop a real sense of the water, regardless of your level. Stationary swimming, with or without resistance, increases your feel of underwater support.

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STATIC SWIM™ is an easy and affordable way to make the most out of your private swimming pool.

- Take advantage of your pool, at the same time partaking in a healthy activity
- Enjoy aquafitness sessions with family and friends

4 Strokes


Experience a new and extraordinary sense of the water with STATIC SWIM™. Train more easily and efficiently without doing full laps, even in a large pool. Quality is what counts with STATIC SWIM™; the Resistance Bands module is so comfortable you won’t even feel it!
STATIC SWIM™ can be used in 3-meter pools. Perfect for backstroke swimming, without your head colliding against the wall. Wonderful for muscle-building.

Don't hesitate to contact us with any specific requests or questions.

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If you are a gym, health, or fitness centre, with a specific need, don't hesitate to contact us. We are conducting a free study in the following areas.

- Viability and space optimisation
- Custom solutions for diverse needs


Please contact us with any specific requirements you have.

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Sports-oriented swimming in gyms: Offer the choice of Circuit Training!

Équipement de nage statique en salle de sport

Swimming harness - STATIC SWIM™

STATIC SWIM™ is a belt equipped with a Resistance Band device that allows you to engage in sports-oriented swimming activities; Aquawalking and Aquarunning.


Activities: Swimming, running and cycling for complete sports training

Many gyms and fitness centres today use STATIC SWIM™ equipment in circuit training drills to round out their training offerings. With Aquacycle and STATIC SWIM™ equipment, users can benefit from Triathlon type training. With STATIC SWIM™ equipment installed side-by-side, you can not only swim, but also walk or run underwater (with or without fins).


Aquafitness Group Classes

STATIC SWIM™ acts as a third point of support when attached to the side of the pool, allowing users to experiment with new and different types of aquafitness exercices, in addition to normal activities (with or without fins).


For increased water feel

STATIC SWIM™ allows the user, who remains in place while swimming, to displace more water. Thus, the user increases muscular effort, proprioceptive feedback is improved, and underwater sensation is more powerful.


Tone your body faster

STATIC SWIM™ guarantees a total muscular makeover, quick and without side-effects. This high calorie-burning activity allows you to make reap the full benefits of aquatic exercises.



STATIC SWIM™ will put a smile on your face and fill you with energy!

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For learning opportunities and skill improvement, STATIC SWIM™ offers the following benefits:

Improved Sensory Capacity

The dynamic resistance of STATIC SWIM™’s Resistance Bands increases the volume of water a swimmer has to displace to theoretically move forward. Hence, swimming speed is reduced and underwater strength is improved. STATIC SWIM™’s equipment works on sensory perception - nerve endings located in muscles, tendons and jointsthat transmit information to the central nervous system which controls the body.


Increased Self-Awareness

A stationary resistance swimming system. STATIC SWIM™ increases a swimmer’s self-awareness by subtly providing information on position, movement and balance through training. A swimmer becomes more aware:

- Of the specific effects of different parts of the human body on underwater movement

- Of the effects of even the smallest muscle contraction on movement

Increased Awareness of Transmission Control

Being more aware of how the body works, a swimmer can better evaluate the efficiency and consequences of each and every movement. The swimmer can discover new techniques by simply using muscles that were not engaged before (extremely beneficial, especially in the glide phase of a stroke when the pull is at its maximum extension) or even improve on already existing technique.

Working on proprioception basically helps the swimmer become more aware of the effects of every single movement on performance. This is extremely important, as it allows the swimmer to:

- Learn to better control non-engaged muscles

- Use each muscle as an individual tool and not only as a synchronised entity

Other advantages:

- Improved muscle coordination during movement

- Optimum energy use

- Higher efficiency

Movement Coordination

A stationary resistance swimming system. STATIC SWIM™ allows swimmers to better coordinate movements and at the same time become more aware of inner sensations and less dependent on exterior stimuli. The benefits:

- Fewer stress-related issues

- Improved performance in competition


Tournament Performance

STATIC SWIM™ allows competitive swimmers to:

Improve competition swimming speeds

Learn how to control energy to better perform in competition

Please contact us for any specific requests or questions.

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STATIC SWIM™ is perfect for athletes and competitive swimmers as a complement to regular training. Stationary swimming with a resistant elastic pullback offers many benefits.

STATIC SWIM™guarantees, based on real scientific results, a 3% improvement each in pace, range of movement and power output, all in merely a few weeks! For more information.

For trained athletes and competitive swimmers, we offer specific swimming Resistance Bands and a ground-tracking system to keep track of your progress and plan your training sessions accordingly. Contact us for more information.


Advantages of stationary resistance swimming with STATIC SWIM™:

- Intensive training possible, regardless of swimming pool size

- Gradual development of muscle capacity to adapt to increased effort; in situ muscle building

- Gradual development of underwater strength ; improved body position

- Higher proprioceptive awareness

- Increased awareness of one’s body and sensations

- More efficient movement due to spontaneous self-correction (mistakes are easily corrected)

- Relevant movements are better recognized and more efficiently executed

- Increased control of non-engaged muscles by using muscles individually

- Optimized training of range of movement

- Increase in underwater propulsion

- Reduced drag; useful for endurance and resistance training

- More efficient use of glide phases

- Specific training programs.


Examples :

- Wall kick-off training

- Maximum aerobic power training

- Training without visual indicators

- Group training games "Static Swim Battle" (participants swimming in opposite directions while attached together)

Contact us with any specific requests or questions.

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Training sessions with Stationary resistance swimming system by STATIC SWIM™, supervised by a trained sports physician, may help patients with functional impairments of the locomotor (musculoskeletal) system.
STATIC SWIM™ can be used to develop a suitable treatment program that allows patients to work on balance, endurance, strength and body coordination.


STATIC SWIM™ can be used to correct pelvic anteversions, mainly in treating lumbar hyperlordosis. STATIC SWIM™ can also be used to address lumbar stabilisation, which can be extremely useful for patients with chronic back pain.

Please contact us with any specific requests or questions.

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STATIC SWIM™ may be used, in certain cases, as a balneotherapy accessory for rehabilitation treatments. With STATIC SWIM™, passive and active massage techniques as well as traditional aquatic physiotherapy may be used (buoyancy of the water relieves pressure and relaxes muscles). STATIC SWIM™ has been proven to be useful and highly relevant to certain rehabilitation techniques.


Examples of passive techniques with STATIC SWIM™:

- Aquatic spinal re-education

- Aquatic cervical vertebrae re-education

- Aquatic joints and neuromuscular re-education


Examples of active techniques with STATIC SWIM™:

- Improvement of analytic muscle strength with kinetic resistance (provided by the Resistance Bands module)

- Reprogramming of basic muscle techniques (global re-education of movement and basic functions by prorioceptive aquatic techniques)

Please contact us for regarding your specific needs or questions.

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Use STATIC SWIM™ whenever you want to improve your physique and well-being. Professionals at your nearest spa treatment centre can help you achieve your goals.

Contact us with any specific requests or questions.

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STATIC SWIM™ is designed not only for competitive swimmers, but also for private users. Regular use of STATIC SWIM™ has a range of benefits on health and lifestyle:

- Increase in stamina and energy

- Increased efficiency of cardiac system

- Development of musle tone

- Improved breathing techniques (cardiac output)

- Lower resting heart rate

- Improved blood circulation and venous return

- Enhanced joint articulation and motion

- Reduced risk of arthritis

- Improved metabolic rate

- Improved mental and psychological health through reduced stress and better sleep quality

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Will STATIC SWIM™ help you lose weight? According to specialists, it is a combination of cardiovascular exercise and muscular training that enables a person to lose body fat and gain muscle.


STATIC SWIM™ combines the two by taking advantage of the fact that routines are done underwater (more effort and more resistance, thus more calories are burned) This is extremely beneficial for users who wish to improve their physical condition decreasing excess fat.

STATIC SWIM™ allows you reap maximum benefits from a sport without having to spend an eternity on it.

STATIC SWIM™ is thus one the most efficient and healthy ways to lose weight, within the context of a balanced diet and healthy overall lifestyle.

STATIC SWIM™ will help you work all muscle groups and tone your overall silhouette.

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Once you have your STATIC SWIM™ equipment, the next step is to clearly define what you want to achieve:

- Gain muscle

- Tone body

- Exercise drills

- Strengthen abdominal muscles (and flatten stomach)

- Strengthen back muscles

- Refine hamstrings and gluteal muscles

- Weight loss

- Specific training (for competitive and experienced swimmers)

Then you have to evaluate a clear strategy to achieve your goals:

- To burn body fat, it is advised to develop endurance. This is best achieved with low-intensity training sessions.

- For muscle-building and cardiovascular reinforcement, it is advised to develop resistance strength, which involves high cardiac frequency. This is best achieved with moderate to high-intensity training sessions.

When you have defined your strategy, the next step is to plan your workouts. For example, a competitive swimmer might choose a weekly training routine compromised of 80% low-intensity, 15% moderate intensity and 5% high intensity training. This is just one example, workout sessions depend largely on the person and physical fitness level.

As you continue to use your stationary resistance swimming equipment, your body adapts itself to the different exercises and you become fitter. To effectively keep track of your progress, keep a record of your performance in the same routine (for example, a monthly or weekly log of your heart rate, time, speed etc.). Then, gradually increase the difficulty level of your workouts (increased intensity, longer sessions, harder drills etc.).

Here are some recommendations to make the most out of your STATIC SWIM™ equipment:

- If you haven’t been physically active for a long time, it is advisable to consult your doctor before beginning your workouts.

- Training with any accessory designed to improve physical condition involves the entire body, and takes time. Be sure to begin with easy exercises to familiarize your body. Start with 10-15 minutes of training per day and slowly increase the length and effort over a few weeks. Pay attention to your body, and heed warning signs (e.g. if you're excessively tired after workout sessions, you may be doing too much).

- Keep yourself hydrated during all training sessions, and be sure to include a warm-up before (the Resistance Bands module “Endurance Power” may be used).

- Finish your workout sessions by gradually reducing the intensity of your drills and doing a cool-down routine. This is extremely important as it allows your body to efficiently adapt to your workout program.

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Rinse used STATIC SWIM™ equipment in water and store out of direct sunlight in a dry and well-ventilated area. You can also wash STATIC SWIM™ equipment with cold water and mild soap.

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