Why is it necessary to position the attachments at deck level?

We recommend you install the anchor at deck-level so that the band can work horizontally, at the same level and in the same direction as the swimmer. This way the STATIC SWIM™ Dynamic Equilibrium™ is maintained. If the anchor is installed too high in relation to the swimmer, the equilibrium is compromised: the system will lift the glutes (or the lower back, depending on the exercise).

How high should I affix my elastic attachment?

STATIC SWIM™ equipment is specially designed to be attached low to the ground so that users maintain an ideal horizontal body position. Advantages:

• A wide variety of training exercises is possible, including aquarunning/jogging and other aquafitness activites..

• Users can easily switch between different activities to create, for example, a triathlon-type training sequence.

• In the absence of a suitable tree/pillar near your pool, using the ground attachments is an easy and affordable option.

Is it easy to swim with STATIC SWIM™ ?

Yes! STATIC SWIM™ is extremely easy to learn,and progress usually comes quickly. STATIC SWIM™. naturally corrects body posture and movement underwater. You can train with swimming accessories such as webbed gloves or kickboards, as well as pull bouys and floats, to vary your workouts.

Is it more difficult to swim using elastic resistance or to swim freely ?

It depends on your energy output. If you swim steadily without making a huge effort, there is little difference between the two. However, the advantage of STATIC SWIM™ is that it allows you to progressively increase resistance, and you naturally try to swim against that resistance.

What does it feel like ?

Swimming against resistance increases underwater pressure, and this allows you to experience an enhanced sense of the water. The bands are designed for maximum comfort; if used properly, you will not even feel their presence after a while!

Is it easy to swim using different styles - breaststroke, freestyle, backstroke, butterfly ?

Short answer: yes!

1. Breaststroke: Extremely easy, especially if you place the belt higher so as to support your core. Resistance is synchronized with the movement of the stroke, and you can swim at whatever speed suits you.

2. Freestyle and Butterfly: You may find your leg muscles play a more important role.

3. Backstroke: No fear of colliding with the swimming pool wall! You will feel the effects on your back muscles after just a few workouts.

How much force does a swimmer exerce with STATIC SWIM™ ?

It ranges from a few kg for beginners to about 20kg for more experienced users.

Is it possible to attach the kit to a planter/garden box ?

If your planter is heavy enough, yes. Follow the same instructions for attachment to pillars. For safety reasons, begin lightly and gradually increase the resistance to make sure the planter can handle the force.

Can I affix my equipment to the base of a beach umbrella ?

Yes, on the condition that the base is fixed to the ground, or maintained with cables. Gradually test the force of the attachment prior to all-out training.

My pool is only 3 meters long. Can I still use STATIC SWIM™ equipment ?

The elastic devices available on our site are designed for pools that are at least 3.5 meters long. For 3-meter-long pools, we offer shorter elastic devices on request (just send us an e-mail in advance, or when you place your order). Aquarunning in a limited space of 2 meters is also possible with these shorter STATIC SWIM™ elastics, which we offer at the same price as those regularly available on our site.