FLEX 3 Inclined running springboard

FLEX 3 Inclined running springboard"

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FLEX 3 Inclined springboard for running in place


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Flexible suspension springboard

Patented & registered design


Wood: beech

Shape: contoured

Flex 1: Dim: 570 x 570 x 11 mm. (22.4 x 22.4 x .4 in.)

Flex 2: Dim: 570 x 620 x 11 mm. (22.4 x 24.4 x .4 in.)

Flex 3: Dim: 570 x 655 x 11 mm. (22.4 x 25.8 x .4 in.)


Feet are available in 3 hardnesses according to user weight.

FLEX 1: soft rubber 

FLEX 2: medium rubber

FLEX 3: hard rubber


Choose your STATIC RUN™ springboard based on your weight:

FLEX 1: under 60kg (130 lbs) 

FLEX 2: between 60 and 85kg (130-185 lbs) 

FLEX 3: over 85kg (185 lbs) 


- Allows you to run on a soft, springy surface

- Bounce restores and injects energy into your run

- Flexible surface cushions impact while running

- 3 different strengths to choose from, based on user weight

- Sold with convenient carrying handle (enabling you to “connect” instantly!)

- Fun!

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FLEX 3 Inclined springboard for running in place

FLEX 3 Inclined springboard for running in place

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