STRENGTH 2 swim and aquafitness paddles

STRENGTH 2 swim and aquafitness paddles"

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Strength 2 swim and aquafitness paddles


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Thanks to their adjustable tubing, the Strength 2 hand paddles are suitable are adaptable to everyone.

Due to their greater surface area than STRENGTH 1, STRENGTH 2 paddles allow for experienced athletes to work on muscular development and propulsion.

For beginner and intermediate levels, the STRENGTH 2 paddles allow you to gradually develop propulsion and explosivity during phases of intense training.

Comfortable, manoeuverable, and responsive, the STATIC SWIM™ hand paddles become an extension of your hands. Together with the STATIC SWIM™ resistance band system, these paddles offer a whole new way of training in your private pool.

The STATIC SWIM™ hand paddles are equally suitable both for conventional pool training and open-water swimming in oceans and lakes.


- Ergonomic and 100% adjustable

- Accessible to everyone: adjustable to all hand sizes

- Total comfort

- Manageable and reactive

- Lightweight

- Designed for improved swimming technique

- Increased explosiveness and power