STATIC SWIM SAS is a French company based in Toulouse, Midi-Pyrénées (France) that specializes in the design and fabrication of sports equipment for resistance swimming.

STATIC SWIM SAS equipment are sold online on the site

STATIC SWIM SAS works with many competitive swimmers, fitness and rehabilitation centres to develop the concept of resistance swimming by offering a new and effective product.

Recent Activity

  • Novembre 2012:
    Piscine Global, world spa and pool exhibition
    (Eurexpo Lyon - France)

  • March 2013:
    26th Annual World Exhibition, Body Fitness Form
    (Paris Porte de Versailles - France)

  • September 2014 :
    REEDUCA 2014, World Exhibition of Rehabilitation and Kinesitheraphy
    (Paris Expo - Porte de Versailles)

  • Déeember 2014 :
    Pool and Spa Exhibition
    (Paris Expo - Porte de Versailles)

Media and Press Articles

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    September/October 2013 edition.

    Sportin’ Form : The fitness centre that is revolutionizing aquagym
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Toulouse Rugby Stadium - Medical Staff.

Use of Static Swim™ equipment to:

  • Perform keep fit exercises after an injury
    Underwater exercises for rehabilitation purposes (joint movement, shoulder mobility with backstroke exercises etc.).

  • Speed up the physical recovery process
    Use of Static Swim™ equipment in the vertical (aquarunning) or horizontal (swimming) position
    Post-match and post-training lymphatic drainage exercises

  • Physical preparation for intensive medium and long-term efforts
    Energy-training sessions (aerobic, lactic or alactic anaerobic)
    HIIT split training
    Hypoxic training by lowering respiration rate (inhalation every 5,6 or 7 strokes) or low-volume hypoventilation training (inhalation and holding)
    Increase of VO2 max.

  • Measurements and specific tests
    Regular evaluation and performance tests

Sporting'Form - Fitness Centre

Sporting’Form offers two group sessions using Static Swim™ equipment:

  • Aquatraining:A 45-minute aquatic circuit training session, fun and combining cardio exercises and muscle training (for more information).

    4 different sessions are offered:

    • STATIC SWIM™ Swimming

    • STATIC SWIM™ Running

    • Aquabike

    • Weights

    All sessions may be customized as need be to accommodate different levels.

  • Team Static Swim™: A 30-minute session based on HIIT. (for more information).

    • Goals: To have a toned body

    • Means: Important muscle training with HIIT

    • Results: Convert body fat into muscle

    • Guarantee: Guaranteed results in 3 months

    • Target group: Athletes or people with good physical condition

    • number of participants: Maximum 10; to allow for proper personalized coaching combined with group dynamics