Suspension training straps

Suspension training straps"

Suspension training straps


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For additional information, STATIC RUN™ recommends the item "Suspension training straps".

Explanation, including visual examples :


How to assemble your STATIC RUN™ suspension trainer 1 : Suspension training straps
2 : "Pair of stainless steel handles and straps"
3 : STATIC RUN™ "attachment" (of choice)



Installation examples with the door "anchor" attachment:

1 : Suspension training straps.
2 : Pair of stainless steel HANDLES and straps.
3 : STATIC RUN™ door "anchor" attachment (taken as example).

Possible exercises :

More exercises


- Quick muscle building and strengthening

- Adaptable to all levels (through inclining the body to varying degrees)

- Simple height adjustment system allows for symmetry and precision, unlike most products currently available

- Discover a new kind of body awareness (coordination, flexibility, agility)

- Complete physical training at home, or anywhere

- Easily transportable (light and compact)