Flippers for Swimming and Aqua Gym exercises Strength 1.SOFT

Flippers for Swimming and Aqua Gym exercises Strength 1.SOFT"

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Strength 1 swim and aquafitness fins (soft)


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New patented fins engineered for enhanced performance, and feel in the water.

The STRENGTH 1 fins are for people who want to return to the sport or engage in endurance training. Ideal for getting back into shape and to tone legs and glutes (training with or without resistance bands). If you are already fit, STRENGTH 1 fins are ideal for your warm-up or light workouts.

Technical Specifications:

- Ultra lightweight
- Ultra solid

- Asymmetrical
- Flat with rounded edges
- Responsive
- Solid

- Made of shape-memory foam
- Just one pair of fins accessible to everyone
- Adjustable size range from 37 to 44 (EU) and adaptable to all foot types

FLEXIBLE and EASY-TO-USE blade, accessible to everyone.

Levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced.

For experienced levels, STRENGTH 1 fins are ideal for warm-up or cool-down periods.


- Compatible with all 4 strokes, including breaststroke!

- Suitable for aquafitness workouts

- Customized fit, regardless of foot size. Adjustable from 37 to 44 (EU)

- Greater freedom of movement

- Ultra comfortable

- Increased joint mobility

- Builds muscle strength for a toned physique

- Easily transportable